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Support for Anyone Touched by Dementia

Grace & Truth provides resources, education, and support for anyone touched by dementia. Whether you, a loved one, a patient or resident, a care provider, or an organization needs some extra help and education—you’ve come to the right place. From diagnosis and planning to living with dementia and caregiving, we’re here to help you understand and navigate this journey.

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Dementia-Specific Education & Resources

As we go through life, we are taught to be prepared for the what-ifs and the worst-case scenarios. We learn CPR and first aid in case of an emergency. We take driving safety classes and learn what to do in the event of an accident. We even have earthquake and fire drills.

But what about when the worst-case scenario is not an accident or a natural disaster, but a gradual deterioration of our own cognitive function?

What We Do

Speaking Engagements

Public engagement is an important aspect of Grace & Truth’s mission. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with the community, care facilities and communities, caregivers, medical providers, health systems, schools and universities, first responders, and groups working to implement dementia-specific solutions.

Our goal is

To be a force of positive change, and we firmly believe that through public engagement, we can make a difference.

Our hope is

That by working together, we can help make the world a better place for those living with dementia and their families.

Request real-world connections for anyone impacted by dementia

Meet Your

Dementia Advocates

Rosa and Heather have a real passion for their work. Heather worked in senior living, independent assisted living, and memory care neighborhoods across the nation for the last 15 years. She’s seen first-hand the benefits that come from an intimate connection with those living or loving someone with dementia—and because of this—Heather founded Grace & Truth.

Connect & Find Hope

Grace & Truth knows that when it comes to finding dementia-specific resources, it’s not just about what’s popular or well known. It’s about finding what works best for each individual and their situation. Living with dementia doesn’t have to be isolating. There is help available, and we want to walk alongside you every step of the way.

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Join Our Mixtape

Our mixtape project can help those living with dementia by providing them with music that makes them feel happy, nostalgic, or hopeful. Grace & Truth is seeking submissions of songs that bring back memories of good times. Your favorite song might just be the perfect pick-me-up for someone who needs it most.

The science of music and memory

Music, whether played or listened to, has positive cognitive effects. Studies of this type found that when people heard sound, it activated a network that went from the relay stations in the midbrain to the areas in the cortex related to working memory and attention. The frontoparietal cortex, which is responsible for tasks like attention and working memory, showed consistent responses between different people.


Music may evoke a wide range of feelings in people—and now there is a newer theory that music can make you experience amazement and enthusiasm, which are two of the most authentic and profound music-related emotions.


Reach Out To Heather

Invite Heather to Your Next Dementia-Specific Event

Heather is a memory care expert who provides compassionate guidance for anyone impacted by dementia. She has developed a deep understanding of dementia, both from a medical and emotional perspective. As a result, she can provide invaluable support for those who are navigating this difficult journey.

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